Saturday, August 8, 2009

George Tabb

Everyone in New York knows and likes George Tabb, formerly of the punk rock band FURIOUS GEORGE. He's also respected as a writer for Maximum Rock'n'Roll, Punk Magazine, and New York Press. He was best man at Dee Dee Ramone's second wedding. And he's one of the only oldschool punk rock guys I think is cool. I'm extremely judgmental-- accent on the "mental" -- when it comes to musicians having integrity-- if I like George it means he has integrity.

George was living right by the World Trade Center on 9/11 and he was lied to by Christine Todd Whitman and the Bush administration and told the air was safe when it wasn't. Since then, he's had serious health problems and in fact needs to go in for another operation NEXT WEEK. The government won't give him any aid because OFFICIALLY there is no such thing as a 9/11-related illness. Whitman and Bush said the air was safe, and they were the government at the time, so therefore money can't be given to pay for treatment for illnesses that can't legally be occurring.

George needs your help. He's tried every angle. Welfare turned him down! We have billions for Goldman Sachs but 9/11 sufferers have to fend for themselves? I THOUGHT WE VOTED THE REPUBLICANS OUT OF POWER! George has no place left to turn-- he needs YOU. To find out more information, go here:

For surviving 9/11 and for being a force for good in the world, George Tabb wins today's Peter's Choice Award.

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