Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dino Sorbello in the Heart of the Sun

Today, Dino wins the Peter's Choice Award for showing me the above movie-- DOPPELGANGER or Journey to the Far Side of the Sun. It was one of the weirdest and slowest movies I ever saw in my life. Gerry "Thunderbirds" Anderson produced it and the miniatures were excellent. More money spent on this than Thunderbirds. But the story was so COMPLETELY NONSENSICAL AND IMPOSSIBLE. Sort of like one of those Star Trek episodes where they go to the planet of the Nazis or the planet of the Religious Cultists or the planet of the Native Americans. Amazingly, Rod Serling wrote this story years earlier, or almost this story, for a Twilight Zone episode-- and then another writer sued Serling, saying he'd stolen the idea from him! So Serling paid the other writer off to call it even. It's sort of like people arguing over who created "Poochie."

It's the kind of thing that kids would like though, and it LOOKS AMAZING all the way through. The sets are all great to look at and seem like they might have been fun to shoot in. Herbert Lom had a small part!

So thanks, Dino, you can pick up your award when you're back from Hawaii, which, as all birthers know, is NOT part of America.

ABOVE: Dino shooting Tony Clifton in Times Square

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