Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween, Voiceguy Style

I recently made this groovy thing for the Voiceguy web site-- we created a vintage 1963 horror album and an entire advertising campaign from back then as well, then blamed it all on John's eccentric Uncle Zach. I love creating real fake things from the past.

Anyway, one person I sent the link to for the Halloween thingie told me there was so much stuff to look at, they forgot to actually listen to the horror album. So if that's the only part you're interested in, here is a direct link to the audio:

SIDE ONE: The Boring Instructions:
SIDE TWO: The Spooky Story (featuring Julia and Hayley Beach):

Special thanks go to the SCAR STUFF blog, which is where I got to finally listen to all those old Halloween records I used to see advertised in comic books and Famous Monsters magazine when I was a kid. I also downloaded much of the original art I messed with from there as well. That site comes highly recommended.

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